Undemanding painting


“Painting without performance” is what I like to convey and teach in my Everyone-can-paint courses. My wish is for everyone to find their inner creator and feel that painting is fun and liberating, to dare to express themselves with their own unique image voice.
...And there is a way to get there, even for those who "can only draw stick men" or "haven't held a brush since childhood". Come and join me and I will show you!

Once upon a time I had a painting school for children "Little Creators". A painting activity where the children were given the opportunity to try different artist materials, methods and ways of expression. The Little Creators will always have a special place in my heart. Nowadays I hold week-long courses over the summer months for kids between 6 and 11 years.  

It's a lovely experience filled with creative joy offering a complete break from computer screens, much needed in the technological world we live in.

We often paint outdoors to connect with nature. The last day is the open evening for the children's families. 

Does your child want to paint in a small group in a calm and creative environment, perhaps with a like-minded friend? Get in touch and I will start a course!

Malin Schultz Exhibitions


Café Art 
Hornsgatan Stockholm - October 2007

Gallery Hagström
Old Town Stockholm - December 2009


Gallery T
Old Town Stockholm - August 2020

Art for sale

Reiki symbols
Painting for treatments rooms, yoga studios, meditation rooms and similar.

Temporarily sold out. New paintings are in progress in the studio.

Healing on the wall

Mandala is a Sanskrit word and means secret circle or centre. The round shape is said to help us focus on our inner realm, as well as balance our chakras. 
Having a mandala in the bedroom can do wonders for sleep; having a mandala in the study can increase creativity. 

Abstract art

"Creating without thinking" is the rhythm I dance to. During the meditative state, creativity flows from my inner source and images are born through my hands, often without brushes, to become one with the energy of colour. 
Real-ly unreal and weirdly wonderful.