Image Interpretation -

A kind of Art Therapy

Image interpretation is a unique and effective method for inner healing. It is about interpreting and understanding the symbols, colours and shapes that are created when painting an image.

The images provide powerful insights as they show what's going on inside your psyche. You get the opportunity to analyze yourself and your patterns and uncover the root of the issue.


This gentle, yet powerful form of therapy suits most people. Since the focus is placed on the images, the method is perceived as a more gentle approach compared with other conversational therapies. In this way, it can feel easier to talk about both what is difficult and heavy and what you dream about and want to develop.

When images are interpreted, the unconscious becomes conscious. You then have the opportunity to grow, meet your true Self, and heal at a deep level.

No prior experience of drawing or painting is required. You paint freely and easily, and do not have to be traditional in your use of colour or design. It is specifically the highly personalised image that appears on paper that is so interesting.


Image interpretation is not a science, however it is a dynamic tool that can be used to give insights into one's own life.

How is this done? 

You start by painting seven pictures according to given themes that symbolically represent different areas of life. 
These images are referred to as an “image suite” and serve as a first health-check for the individual images that are painted thereafter.

You often get homework to do for the next session and in addition you sometimes paint directly on site.

By continuing to paint new images you can process experiences, change perspectives, and create a new vision for the future. Image interpretation can help to identify what prevents you from living your life to the full.

The method produces effects on several levels for personal and spiritual development because the image speaks to and from our inner world, while processing what story the images tell in a cognitive and holistic way.

The process of image interpretation is always individually tailored to the client's needs and energy levels. However, ten sessions is a common investment. Daring to meet one’s inner self provides the opportunity for personal development.

I am bound by professional rules to uphold client confidentiality.

Sessions are undertaken in my studio in Nacka or online via Zoom.

Art therapy can help you go even further.
Take baby steps or giant leaps - The main thing is that you keep moving forwards.
However, sometimes you must go backwards to get ahead.
Everything is perfect!

Inner Realm Painting - Workshop in Image Interpretation

Do you want to do something different together with your friends, colleagues or family members? This day gives joyful and interesting insights of life, an eye opener and a nice way to keep company. 
No painting skills needed. Coffee and materials included.

Try-on-Image Interpretation Evenings, Workshops and Courses are conducted in Stockholm, Nacka, Säffle or Åre in Sweden. Get in touch and let's paint!

Entrepreneurs? Contact me for a quote, I will arrange a workshop or course just for you, in my studio or at your place!


In Image Interpretation we work a lot with Numerology. This exciting concept was founded by Pythagoras of Babylonian, Chinese and Egyptian teachings, from thousands years ago.

Numerology is the study of the relationship between numbers, the structure of the Universe and the fate of human beings. By analyzing a person's personal numbers, you can see his / her fate and personality.

Everything in Universe has an energy vibration, even numbers and letters. These vibrations have an impact on our life history. The relationship between numbers and letters is reflected in the events of our lives. It is an ancient metaphysical science that underlies every individual's life plan. Numerology is one of the most accurate and powerful self-help tools available today. 

But what do the numbers mean?

Each number has many meanings and in connection with others they take on additional meaning. However, the basis is easy to remember:

0 Infinity, Nothing, Everything

1 Independence, New beginnings, Individuality

2 Cooperation, Harmony, Balance

3 Creativity, Optimism, Trinity
4 Ground, Work, Structure

5 Freedom, Change, Development

6 Responsibility, Family, Love

7 Spirituality, Loneliness, Knowledge

8 Harvest, Organization, Economy

9 Ending, Boundlessness, Compassion

As the host of a Workshop in Numerology
or a Try-on-Image Interpretation for minimum 4 people
you get your first Art Therapy Session half price!