Stillness is essential to your inner development and well-being. No matter where you are going in life, you need to stop from time to time – preferably on a regular basis – turn inwards, listen, and let go of the constant external noise and activity.
The key to self-recovery, and life, is to balance the physical and non-physical world, to become one with the universe, as well as connect with your higher self, and your own truth.


The word meditation comes from the Latin meditare, which means “to be brought towards the centre”.
To meditate is to be in the present moment. To reach deep relaxation within oneself to expand one's consciousness.
Deep inner stillness provides clarity and insight. The self is united with all that is, and there is an understanding that everything that exists is connected in oneness.


How to do it?

There are thousands of ways to meditate. Maybe you do it automatically when you drive? Suddenly you are at the destination without noticing how you got there?
Or perhaps when you're in the shower or walking? Short moments of nothingness, which are often the windows of time when solutions come to us.

Essentially, there are two different ways of quieting one's mind to achieve a meditative state:
1. To focus on something
2. To completely let go of the thoughts.

In my group circles, we try both ways – silence and non-silence – as well as in stillness and in motion during the guided meditations.
The idea is that you should find your own meditation style to take with you into your everyday life as a tool to find your balance and increase your awareness.

Through meditation, you can change the part of you that has created obstacles to your own development. These may include roles, patterns of behaviour, self-expectations and the expectations of others. For example, thoughts, feelings, and the physical body are different forms of energy. When you are in touch with your inner consciousness, there is the opportunity to use energy as a positive flow in your life, to feel that life has meaning.


Meditating in groups is a powerful experience, the combined energies in the room flow pleasantly. One often experiences a kind of magical break from the reality of the outside world.
Many people ask themselves which reality is the real one, before they go outside again to “reality…”.

Welcome into the circle!

Chakra system

According to various traditions that originate from yoga, there are so-called chakra systems. Chakra is a Sanskrit word and means wheel. Chakras are non-physical energy centres located along the spine and are connected by other meridians to different parts of the body and senses.

All people have blockages in one or more chakras, which limit or affect life in different ways. By balancing your chakras, you can achieve more harmony and gain new strength to move forward in life.

The 7-chakra system that we are most familiar with in the Western world originates from several Hindu traditions. Each chakra has its own colour and function. The three lower chakras represent the physical, material, and emotional dimension. The top three chakras belong to the more cognitive and spiritual realm, while the heart reflects both dimensions.

Gift yourself a Chakra Journey!

In the course "Get to know your chakras" and during the retreat "In the distance green suns shine", we travel through the seven energy centres within, with the help of kundalini yoga, meditation, painting and the magic of colour.


We explore the psychology, influence and symbolic significance of colour, as well as imbalances in the energy system.

We also visit the higher chakras, 8-12, the gates of higher awareness.


You will be given tools to get to know your chakras so that you can integrate them into your everyday life as a tool for self-healing.

 Come along and feel colourful!


Treat yourself to a week without contact with the outside world! In a small group, we enjoy fresh air in nature and a lot of insightful activities such as meditation, painting, Kundalini Yoga, existential conversations and other exciting things, in order to evolve within yourself and take time out to recover from everything that is going on outside of us.

The retreat runs continuously by request depending on the season and the group's composition. Food and accommodation in single or multi-bed rooms are included, while the trip to and from the retreat is paid for by the participants themselves.
Selectable retreat:

  • "In the Distance, Green Suns Shine" - Chakra week in Varmland with Kundalini yoga.
  • "Of Course Red Zebras Can Fly!" - Painting week in Varmland
  • "The Shaman On the Mountain" - Nature week with shaman drums in Varmland, in collabaration with Gulli Hughes

Come by yourself and meet new friends, or bring your loved ones - "Together" is a wonderful word!

Sailing in Greece

What about a week in the Mediterranean? 
Wake up with Kundaliniyoga in the sunrise, paint pictures from inside, enjoy greek food at the seeside tavernas, meditate under the stars and of course; swim, snorkle, paddle and relax in the shadow.
We arrange a week in soul harmony, just for you!

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