Reiki is a gentle and effective treatment method for pain, stress, anxiety, inner tension, and more. Reiki activates and stimulates the body's own natural ability to heal and restore itself, while replenishing energy supplies. Reiki has many uses in today’s hectic, modern world.


After a treatment you usually feel both relaxed and full of energy at the same time - A very pleasant experience for body and soul.


Reiki in its present form comes from Japan, but also has millennia-old roots in Tibet.

The word “Reiki” is Japanese and consists of two kanjis. "Rei" stands for universal and "Ki" stands for power and energy. Reiki is freely translated as "Universal Life Energy".

How is Reiki used and what is it? 

Reiki is a natural energy method for stress reduction and deep relaxation. When our energy does not flow freely, our health is affected. Reiki balances disturbances in the body's energy system and strengthens the body's own healing processes.
Reiki can not replace conventional care, surgery or psychiatric care. However, Reiki is a valuable complement to mainstream medicine.

Many physical ailments have a mental or emotional cause, for example – stress, anxiety, sadness or suppressed emotions can cause aches or tensions in the body. Reiki works both physically and emotionally. Physical touch activates "feel-good hormones" such as oxytocin. Mentally, it can reduce anxiety, unlock emotional blockages, and increase the client's quality of life.


Reiki healing is a holistic treatment method that assumes that body and mind are an interconnected unit. Therefore, the whole body is treated, even if you have disorders that are perceived as limited to a specific area. The client's body decides how the Reiki energy is to be used. The energy goes where, in that moment, the greatest need for help is. The Reiki energy is prioritizing areas for healing. Generally, recent injuries heal faster than old ones.


Touch is perhaps man's most original method of treatment.
When we are in pain somewhere in our body, we usually touch that place spontaneously.
If someone feels unwell, we often put a hand on their shoulder.
Newborn babies, without close contact,
develop poorly and often do not survive.
Without touch, we die - If not physically, then spiritually.

Do you feel like an old piano? 

Maybe you are in spin, stressed, overtired, exhausted, unhappy or have pain in your body and soul? Reiki can calm your thoughts and help you to recover more swiftly and efficiently.



You will find my therapy room for Reiki healing in Stockholm. The treatment takes 60 minutes.

During the session, you will lie fully dressed on a massage table and simply relax. I hold my hands close to or on your body, whichever way feels best for you. Receiving Reiki can feel cold, tingly, hot, or no sensation at all, and you may even fall asleep through deep relaxation as I channel Reiki's healing power.

If you would prefer a remote session, you can receive Reiki through distance healing in the peace and quiet of your own home. This treatment takes 30 minutes.

Effects of Reiki:

Reduced stress
Reduced tension

Pain relief

Improved immune response

Healing the root cause of disease

Balancing and strengthening energy
Increased awareness

Increased creativity
Help to release emotions
Emotionally soothing

Use the Wellness Allowance!

Reiki is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is used alongside conventional medical care for various health conditions, including patients undergoing cancer treatment in hospitals in Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States of America, and Australia. In Sweden, Reiki is primarily used as a technique for managing stress. There is plenty of well documented research on Reiki being used as an energy medicine.  

Reiki is a form of healing, however it assumes no religious beliefs or conviction. Reiki can be received by everyone, regardless of whether you are spiritually or scientifically inclined. You don't have to "believe in healing" for it to work.
Reiki is approved as a form of rehabilitative wellness by the Swedish Tax Agency. This means that those who have a Wellness Allowance at work can use it. For employers in Sweden, this means that Reiki is deductible in the same way as massage.

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